3 considerations to make before cloud adoption

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1892

Businesses are beginning to recognize the value of cloud-based services, especially data storage and web-based applications. While these tools are both versatile and flexible, gaining these benefits requires more than simple adoption. Companies need the right access tools and desktop virtualization solutions to make cloud-based services work with maximum efficiency.

According to Cisco , there are three important considerations that businesses should keep in mind when contemplating cloud adoption. These key points will make adoption easier and help the company in the future when it wants to improve upon its technology, or change it out entirely for something better.


The first thing a business should do when considering the cloud for data storage or enterprise applications is thing about how it is going to migrate from physical machines to these services. Having a migration plan allows the business to be better prepared not only for the changes that are to come, but for any roadblocks that may occur as well. According to Cisco, a migration strategy also gives companies an advantage by allowing them anticipate training periods for employees and helps create a timetable for application implementation.

Ensure reliability

Cisco’s second key point is that it is vital for businesses to ensure total reliability with their cloud strategy. This means ensuring the service provider has reliable uptime, but that employee access to data and applications is reliable as well. This is possible with the remote access tools. Many businesses can benefit from RDP-based access, which will provide them with secure and stable accessibility for employees that promotes productivity without affecting the flexibility that makes cloud services valuable.

The fine print

The last thing every business should consider, according to Cisco, is the small details of its cloud plan. From the legal issues related to cloud services to developing an exit strategy, businesses that adopt cloud services will need to know their plan front to back, and ensure total control over their data and applications that are launched within the cloud.

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