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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1621

More and more businesses are considering a bring your own device, or BYOD, solution for communication, computing and other work needs. This trend is expanding at a rapid rate, and IT teams are fighting to keep up with demand while supporting device diversity and maintaining security. However, by stepping back for a moment and examining BYOD carefully, some companies can make implementation much simpler, keeping the costs and risks low and benefiting quickly from the trend.

According to Technology Spectator , the first thing a business needs to do is develop a “coherent, top-down BYOD policy.” This requires a shift away from traditional infrastructure management and data-driven plans for IT, and enforces the new mindset that different employees work in different ways. However, before a business can even do this, it needs to determine what BYOD can do for it.


BYOD delivers a cost-effective alternative to traditional computing needs for a business, bringing employee tablets, smartphones, laptops and other devices into the workplace. This can increase productivity, allows individuals more mobility with their work environment and helps reduce technology budgets. However, it can create security risks and lead to more demand for device support as well. In order to gain the benefits and avoid the risks, a business needs to strategize its adoption plan in a way that takes its unique needs into consideration, and invest in a solution that can conform to the company’s IT needs.

Virtualization and the user

One way to accomplish this is through virtualization. With virtual infrastructure, users will be able to access company data and applications from any device that supports the access client and begin working immediately, without downloading information to their device and creating a security risk. This eliminates many of the challenges of BYOD, but introduces a new one – how to provide access.

Remote access

With the right RDP-based access, a business will be able to support any devices, from iPads to Chromebooks, and allow employees to freedom to use them for work. This is a sure way to embrace the productivity gains that BYOD can provide, and do so in a secure fashion.

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