3 things every system admin should know about virtualization

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1656

Virtualization is a useful solution that allows businesses to make better use of limited computing resources, improve performance and reduce the cost of their IT infrastructure. However, simply throwing together a virtual environment isn’t enough to take advantage of these benefits, a business also needs to have the tools in place to make proper use of its virtual storage and machines, and the right training and knowledge to use them effectively.

According to TechTarget , storage is a focal point of virtualization for many companies, but it is an easy area to misuse or create problems in, from both a security standpoint, and a productivity one.

1. Will virtualization change computing, or help develop new uses?
One question that system administrators should ask when investing in virtualization solutions, according to the news source, is how new tech will change a firm’s IT landscape. Will employees be using the virtual environment to improve their flexibility and mobility through remote access, or will the company be developing new uses for its IT infrastructure? There are a number of opportunities that virtualization provides a business, and in order to take full advantage it is important for a clear path to be decided on before implementation.

2. Storage and desktop virtualization
Virtualization provides numerous tools, and they are not exclusive. One way for a business to improve the computing environment is to incorporate more than one solution, such as storage and desktop virtualization solutions. While these services may not come from the same vendor, it will allow the company to improve the way it handles data and applications, as well as employee access to them.

3. Eliminate choke points
TechTarget indicates one important issue with DVI solutions and virtualized storage: Many business implement choke points, intentionally or unintentionally. While choke points can provide security for virtual solutions, they also limit the flexibility and mobility advantages that they provide. A better way to implement high security is to implement the right remote access tools. This way, employees will still have flexibility and access to data and applications, but the business won’t have to worry about loss, cyberattacks and other security issues that could potentially plague virtualization adoption.

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