3 ways BYOD can improve the workplace

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1889

Fewer professionals are working in the traditional office setting these days. As companies implement mobility solutions, more employees work from home, coffee shops or even the beach. The consumerization of IT is allowing professionals to work from virtually anywhere, but with a BYOD solution in place, a business can bring those workers back into the office, even if they aren’t sitting at a desk.

This trend is sometimes referred to as “workshifting,” or the migration of workflow to the time and place that is most convenient to the worker. It helps to improve efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction while driving other technology trends in the enterprise. For many companies, investing in a BYOD solution is simply the next step in the evolution of the high-tech workplace, and it offers many benefits.

Increasing security

While some misinformed businesses believe that BYOD introduces security risks, a properly implemented and maintained solution can actually enhance security. Employees are going to use personal devices for work purposes whether a business likes it or not but by approving and implementing a well-thought?-out BYOD policy, a company can mitigate risks associated with the use of personal devices and ensure that employees are using their devices properly and effectively. Options like RDP-based access allow a business to host all of its data and applications on its own servers, limiting access and ensuring that should an employee lose their smartphone or have it stolen, company property isn’t lost as well.

Increasing competition

Allowing BYOD provides benefits in workflow, but also increased competition between companies and amongst employees. This increased competition comes in many forms, from allowing employees to collaborate across the globe more easily to enhancing personal mobility. A business’s increased competitiveness will allow it to raise employee retention and do more innovative work. Ultimately, this will allow a company to change in new ways and offer more interesting services and products to its customers in the long run.

Maximize Agility

One of the most important benefits of implementing BYOD is maximizing the agility of a business. This will allow it to attract and retain better talent and be more flexible in everyday operations. Being more flexible will translate primarily into benefits for employees, such as helping them better balance their professional and personal lives and enhancing individual productivity. These advantages lead to increased work satisfaction, which will ultimately translate into higher profits and fewer losses for the business.

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