3rd Party / Contractor Access to Applications

At Ericom, we can say with reasonable certainty that most businesses cannot function without sharing information with third parties, such as contractors, affiliates, partners and others. Based on discussions with our customers and partners (and sales data) businesses increasingly depend on providing third parties with reliable remote access to Windows / web-based proprietary and industry-programs. However, granting system access to a third party is a risk that can introduce security threats and business vulnerabilities into the enterprise. Even trusted partners without any malicious intent can potentially damage the company’s system or leave it open to attack.

Here's a few straight-forward considerations for mitigating risks to your business when providing third-party access:

1. Simple management of organizational access policies

Allowing external partners access to the company’s system should be a controlled and monitored process. Usually, users don’t need the same type or amount of information that administrators might need access to do daily jobs. Taking this into consideration, a way of securely communicating with the third party contractors is to limit the amount of data they have access to. 

2. Easily extend access to 3rd parties without having to provide a security token of any sort

By working together to establish constructive, transparent relationships, collaborators have to work with a tool that requests no authentication credentials of any sorts. It is essential that outside contractors and suppliers have access to specific internal applications to be productive, but the company also has to block unauthorized access to sensitive organizational data.

3. Zero end-user installation and minimal IT overhead

Rather than the typical method of downloading and installing it before it can be used, Ericom's html5-based solutions can be run instantly within any standard browser. The main advantage of our clientless html5-based remote access client is that it is a cross-platform, and works on virtually any user device. This guarantees maximum productivity with minimal IT overhead.

Providing access to applications and data for contractors can be particularly challenging for security-conscious organizations. It has become ever more important always to know the answer to Who has access to What in your organization.  Ericom's centrally managed access solution, when used with ESG or any other secure gateway, restricts contractors to gain access to only the applications they need to do their job. Click here to try it out today!

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