4 tips for succeeding with BYOD

MENDY NEWMAN on August 05, 2014 | 2018

Bring your own device (BYOD), efforts are the wave of the future for the enterprise, and investing in the right solutions is key for avoiding issues down the line.

According to  ReadWrite , BYOD isn’t just a fad anymore that businesses can avoid – it’s a movement towards a new way of doing business. Companies that want to embrace a BYOD solution and take advantages of all of the benefits it can provide need to ensure they are investing in the right tools that will not only smooth the transition, but also enhance security and productivity at the same time.

Succeeding with BYOD can’t be done just by jumping on the bandwagon, as businesses need to take the right steps and adopt the right mindset first.

It’s not ROI, it’s TCO
According to the news source, one of the key aspects for succeeding with BYOD is thinking about total cost of ownership (TCO) not return on the investment (ROI),. BYOD is a way of life for an enterprise, rather than another tool in its wide arsenal. The consumerization of IT demands approaches that may be new and unfamiliar to some employees, and by considering what it will cost to ensure smooth adoption rather than simply looking toward the end result, a business will be able to streamline BYOD initiatives.

Think about the user, not the device

Many companies run into compatibility and support issues when launching a BYOD initiative. This is because they focus on what devices they want to support, not the employees using them. By investing in high-quality support solutions that negate differences in mobile devices, such as an  HTML5 RDP client , a business can forget about device problems and focus on supporting its employee’s experiences.

Maximize support

BYOD success rests on support, not technology. When employees start bringing iPhones, Android tablets, Chromebooks and other less common devices into the workplace, IT has to scramble to address varying OS platforms. However, by investing in RDP-based access solutions for data and enterprise application use, employees will all receive the same support system regardless of device, easing IT stress and streamlining support issues.

Employee education is a must

Ultimately, the key to a successful BYOD program is ensuring that employees are comfortable with the devices they are using and the policies regulating them in the workplace. By providing on-site training for workers in best practices and their specific devices, a business will be able to enhance productivity tenfold.

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