451 Research Report Covers Ericom Connect

DANIEL MILLER on July 05, 2015 | 2447

Recently, the distinguished analyst John Abbott and his team at 451 Research published a report on our newly launched managed access solution – Ericom Connect.

The 451 Impact Report - 14 May 2015, “Ericom rewrites its Connection Broker desktop access tools, adds grid for scalability,” provides an overview of Ericom Connect: “The longtime Citrix alternative has spent two years on a complete rewrite of its central application access and desktop virtualization product, which is now called Connect v7. The new version is described as a next-generation connection broker and management platform,” offering enterprise organizations secure, browser-based access to Windows applications.

Leveraging over two decades of Ericom’s expertise in the access market, Ericom Connect provides secure, centrally managed access to Windows applications and desktops, from a single, Web-based management console. The powerfully new enterprise-level connection broker and management platform uses default browser-based access that can handle up to one hundred thousand concurrent user sessions per one Connect Access Management Server. The solution also includes innovative analytics tools and centrally managed access, which installs in under an hour. 

Click here to review the 451 Research report on Ericom Connect (login is required through a free trial),.

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