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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1

In my previous post I discussed Nintendo’s innovative approach in designing their new game console. For a cool demonstration of this design see this video:

Obviously this video is a bit over-the-top. It is, after all, a commercial. But I would like to point out a few things about it:

  1. Notice the focus on the players rather than the games
  2. Notice that the game-play is portrayed as a family or group activity
  3. Notice that it involves people of all ages, in particular people who are older than your average gamer

This is a perfect example of Nintendo changing the rules and expanding the target demographic for video game consoles.

Another cool feature of the Wii I would like to mention is its menu navigation system. Mostly you navigate by clicking on large buttons using a cursor directed by the Wiimote. This is a nice but obvious use of the technology. Where it gets really cool is that with some menus the Wiimote vibrates and emits a low sound when the cursor passed over a clickable item. I find that adds a whole dimension to UI navigation.

This got me thinking: Microsoft could have easily added a similar functionality to the Vista Aero interface. All they needed to do is develop a new brand of mouse that can vibrate and add the appropriate hooks to the UI widgets. I think this would have been a very nice enhancement to the UI. At the very least, this would have enabled Microsoft to sell more mice.

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