HTML5-based Access to Enterprise Systems – From Any Device, Anywhere (Part 3/4)

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Part 3 / 4 – Ubiquitous Access to SAP Business One and other ERP Systems – via the Browser

Welcome to Part 3 in our 4-part series on providing clientless, browser-based access to ERP systems, from any device, anywhere. In Part 1, we touched on issues and challenges related to enterprise resource planning (ERP), software.  In Part 2, we discussed the growing popularity of ERPs in the Cloud, the beauty of HTML5 for browser-based, ubiquitous access, local resources access, and more.  In this segment, we discuss Ericom AccessNow™,  an HTML5 remote desktop  client that provides clientless browser-based access to ERP systems, deployed across all industries.

HTML5 – the Future is Here

Ericom AccessNow™ is built on high-performance HTML5 technology that runs inside a browser, making access to ERP systems universally simple, yet secure. For small and midsize businesses using enterprise software, for example, SAP ERP (R/3), or SAP Business One, AccessNow provides quick and easy access to ERP systems, from almost any device running a modern, HTML5 browser. This includes iPads, laptops, Android devices, PCs, Mac, and more.

How it Works – HTML5-based AccessNow creates new opportunities for users to interface with various  ERP modules from remote locations.  Application data is updated in real time; providing instant access to information, while SSL-secured technology ensures that transactions are never compromised. The example below shows access to SAP Business One running on premises or in the cloud.



  1. End-user navigates to the AccessNow URL to start the connection.
  2. Client browser connects to AccessNow Server using WebSockets — AccessNow uses an accelerated protocol to transmit session data.
  3. AccessNow Server translates WebSocket communication to/from the Session Host running the SAP application.
  4. Remote Windows desktop / application UI is displayed inside the browser window

NOTE: Optionally, users connect to Access Server through Ericom’s Secure Gateway. The gateway secures the access to your business-critical internal resources running on RDP hosts (virtual desktops, Terminal Servers, etc.), from unsecured locations outside the firewall (e.g., the Internet), without requiring an SSL / IPSec VPN.

Why is AccessNow growing in popularity?

  • Zero client install. One of the main benefits of AccessNow is that it is easy and inexpensive to maintain. It works through the browser on most devices. No client installation, configuration, management, updating, patching, etc. is required, significantly reducing IT overhead. Licensed users can open up any browser and have full access to their ERP applications, simply by clicking the company’s AccessNow URL.
  • Simplifies logins. Upon entering their log-in credentials, the ERP application appears directly inside the browser window, with all the functionality that’s normally available in the user’s ERP system. For instance, a field sales representative working at the site of one of their customers can create an on-the-spot quotation.
  • No learning curve! With AccessNow, there is no need to rebuild any of the functionality in the SAP Business One or another ERP application; instead, the exact functionality that is activated by each user’s license and security rights is readily available for them inside the browser. Moreover, all of the user’s third-party add-ins, customizations and dashboards are completely and transparently available.
  • Great user experience. Thanks to compression and acceleration technology built in to Ericom’s solution, the user interface is incredibly fast, and the remote access performance is consistently superior. Thus, whether employees are using an on-premises or Cloud-based application via a browser, they can work smoothly and efficiently, from any device, anywhere.
  • Extends the reach of ERPs. AccessNow expands the number of device types that are compatible with ERP access, enabling employees to leverage the full range desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, personal or work-issued. For instance, Google Chromebooks have become very popular thanks to their low cost, but these devices are not capable of running standard Windows programs. AccessNow allows Chromebooks, Android devices, iPhones and iPads, as well as Mac OS X and Linux devices, to access and run SAP Business One and other centrally hosted Windows applications without complex (and expensive), integration – simply through the use of an ordinary browser. It also makes it easy to adhere to IT policies.

AccessNow puts SAP B1 (or any other ERP system), on your tablet

Stay tuned for Part 4 – the last segment in our series about HTML5 browser based access to ERP systems. In the meantime, you might want to try an online demo of AccessNow for SAP ERP (R/3), or AccessNow for Business One.

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