Businesses shouldn't fear BYOD

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1592

Much like Jason in the “Friday the 13th” horror film franchise, the bring your own device (BYOD), trend seems to be unstoppable. Businesses can no longer hide or run from the trend – it is here to stay. However, unlike its movie monster counterpart, this isn’t a bad thing for businesses, nor should it be terrifying. By adopting a BYOD solution, many companies can improve productivity and efficiency. It just requires some preparation.

To best prepare for the BYOD trend and set your business up for success, there are certain steps that should be taken. These tips can guide a business toward developing a stable and reliable BYOD policy that not only supports business needs, but ensures employees are getting the most out of their use of consumer mobile devices in the workplace.

Ensure bandwidth speed and capacity can handle it

The influx of personal devices into the workplace is sure to affect office bandwidth and networks, and the business needs to be prepared. Updating network infrastructure, upgrading the office internet service or taking advantage of 3rd party RDP acceleration software like Ericom Blaze may be necessary to ensure that once employees start using their iPads and Android phones, the connection speed or performance doesn’t slow down considerably.

Improve IT support

As professionals begin to use their personal devices in the workplace, many are also going to expect IT to handle their personal tech problems as well. As such, the IT department needs to be prepared to support new devices that they may not be familiar with and expand their expertise to include a wider variety of consumer products.

Secure Remote Access

Possibly the most important aspect of preparing for the BYOD trend is ensuring that company data and applications will remain safe and secure despite being accessed by so many new, less secure devices. A business cannot enforce every employee to take the necessary steps to protect his or her personal devices and keep them safe from loss or theft. As such, a company must protect its property on the other end. With high-quality remote access tools, such as HTML5 RDP clients, a company can keep its data hosted on its own servers and allow employee devices access in a secure manner. This ensures that no data is put in danger and that employee productivity isn’t negatively affected by overly stringent security policies.

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