Bye Bye Citrix Presentation Server, Hello Citrix XenApp

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1056

About a month ago I wrote a critique of a Network World blog post about virtualization. In my critique I wrote that Citrix’s VDI product, XenDesktop, is distinct form its Terminal Services product, Presentation Server. This is unlike Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect which combines both in a single solution. An anonymous commentator, who I’m guessing is affiliated with Citrix, blasted me for this statement indicating that these two Citrix products are linked, without going into the details of how. He also wrote that I should stay tuned. Now at last I know for what: Citrix has apparently renamed Citrix Presentation Server to Citrix XenApp! So obviously the two products are now linked: they both have Xen in their name 

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