BYOD initiatives shift away from mobile device management

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1629

The bring your own device (BYOD), trend’s growing popularity in the enterprise is leading businesses to adopt varying IT initiatives to handle productivity, security and other factors that can affect the success of the trend. However, according to a recent study by Computer Business Review, many companies are beginning to shift away from mobile device management (MDM), strategies in favor of other BYOD solutions.

CBR’s report shows that about 23 percent of study respondents have experienced data loss due to mobile device theft or misplacement. However, only 11 percent utilize a MDM solution, and a mere 9 percent plan to ban the use of mobile devices. These data shows that many businesses are looking to stronger security solutions in order to support the growing consumerization of IT, and help employees use their personal devices productively and reliably for work.

Restrictions hinder BYOD success

Despite the growing trend of accepting BYOD in the workplace, some businesses are placing unnecessary limits on what devices employees can use and what they can do with them. The report shows that 38 percent of respondents have some form of ban or limitation in place to try to improve BYOD security, and 19 percent have already banned the trend entirely. However, these restrictions only prove to create a greater security risk, as some employees will find ways to work around the bans and limitation in order to use whatever device they desire.

The other options

With BYOD adoption on the rise, businesses are looking to high-quality remote access solutions, among other options, to keep company data and applications secure while allows employees to embrace the advantages that personal devices provide them in the workplace. RDP-based access gives professionals the ability to utilize whatever information they need swiftly and efficiently, without downloading it to their actual device, removing the risk of data loss should the employee lose his or her smartphone or tablet.

The security benefits of RDP access are easy to see, but there are other advantages as well. Performance, stability and workflow can all be enhanced with the right tools, such as RDP acceleration from Ericom Blaze. This solution can improve the speed of access, the quality of content and more, without restricting employee device usage or limiting professionals to one type of device. With the right RDP client and access solution, businesses can embrace any device easily, and eliminate restrictions that could hinder adoption and employee productivity.

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