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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1622

Business opinions on bring your own device are varied, with some worried about the trend and others happy to embrace it. However, on the employee end the thoughts are a bit more varied, according to ARN . Based on information from a recent Unisys study, the news source noted that many IT managers still see BYOD as a personal preference, rather than an important workplace trend for improving productivity or efficiency, but employees see it the other way around. Additionally, it was noted that the actual use of mobile devices for work isn’t having an effect on companies, but rather the apps that employees are using to do their job is.

“They accept that mobile devices at work are inevitable, but regardless of whether a smartphone or tablet is personally owned or provided by the employer, it’s the mobile apps beyond email and calendar that enable real changes to business processes and better productivity,” Lee Ward, IT outsourcing vice president and manager for Unisys said, according to the news source.

The Unisys study shows that 67 percent of professionals in Australia noted productivity as the main advantage, indicative of a larger, global trend toward personal devices as a way to improve workflow and efficiency. Ward noted that tablet and BYOD solution popularity will likely increase even further in 2013 due primarily to an ever growing range of products available on the market.

Whether the mobile device is personally owned, or supplied by their employer, more professionals want to use smartphones and/or tablets in the workplace to help get their jobs done easier. For businesses, the question shouldn’t be whether the advantages are real, but how to harness them with little to no risk for the company. BYOD isn’t going anywhere, and avoiding it will only cause more struggle for businesses in the long run.

For companies to embrace BYOD, they need a reliable way to ensure data and app security, while enhancing overall productivity. This can be done easily with the right accessibility and support through RDP-based access. With and RDP client, like Ericom AccessNow , professionals will be able to remotely connect with data and apps hosted on company servers, rather than downloading or installing them to their own device. This ensures compatibility with a wider variety of device formats, and enables much stronger security benefits for the company as a whole.

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