BYOD risks overblown

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1613

The bring your own device (BYOD), movement evokes strong opinions from both sides of the fence, but according to Midsize Insider , many of those decrying BYOD for its security failings may be crying wolf. Flash drives, remote working, the use of laptops and other mobility trends that have now been in play for several years were met with the same skepticism initially, but have since turned out to be highly beneficial for those who utilize them.

According to the news source, there are inherent security risks that come with data, no matter what a business does with it. If data leaves the confines of the office walls on a device, be it a BlackBerry or an iPad, it puts the company at risk. However, there are ways to allow BYOD and other mobility solutions without creating the grounds for these security challenges in the first place.

With remote access tools like Ericom’s AccessNow, a business can allow employees to use whatever device they prefer to access company data and applications in a highly secure and reliable method. With these tools, the data stays within the “walls” of the business on its own servers and is accessed through an RDP client. This solution negates risks and still allows the business to take advantage of the benefits associated with BYOD.

Data loss is a primary concern for any business, but there is no reason to exacerbate the issue with less-than-adequate mobility solutions. According to Midsize Insider, the key factor in ensuring that employees minimize the risk of data leakage when using personal devices for work is to keep company and personal data separate. RDP-based access accomplishes this by making it so employees never actually download data or apps to their devices, but instead access them on the company server through the smartphone, tablet or laptop they are using.

With the security and reliability advantages that RDP-based access provides, the “risks” of BYOD are virtually eliminated, giving companies more opportunities to adopt a solution that will provide them numerous benefits.

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