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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1816

Companies are finding that their initial investment into a BYOD solution isn’t cutting it anymore. According to a recent study by Wisegate, more companies are reducing their restrictions on mobile device usage, while the number of businesses allowing clear paths to personal device use is also dropping. The issue is that companies aren’t fullyunderstanding the risks associated with BYOD, or how those risks are changing.

“That is where I see the big disconnect … How you support mobile devices and at what level needs to be defined by the business. In too many cases, it is defined by the IT department or the end user,” Martin Zinaich, information security officer for the City of Tampa and a member of the Wisegate community, told FierceMobileIT .

Businesses need to recognize that a BYOD solution isn’t a final answer to the consumerization of IT, but rather a single step. Employees have to be trained in best practices, network security solutions need to be in place and corporate data and apps should be accessible yet safe from unauthorized access. These various steps need a BYOD policy to support them –they aren’t solved by the mere implementation of such an initiative.

Simply investing in solutions to control devices or their users won’t provide a business with effective security, it will only limit the opportunities that employees have to work efficiently on their smartphones or tablets. BYOD requires a different approach that ensures security, promotes faster workflow and does not interfere with productivity.

To begin on the path toward BYOD success, a business can invest in high-quality remote desktop protocol solutions, like RDP-based access. RDP provides a reliable foundation for data and enterprise app access that allows employees to use what they need without taking any IP from the company-owned service. This reduces significant security woes without eliminating the productivity advantages that BYOD offers.

Ericom AccessNow provides the HTML5 RDP client necessary to make RDP-based access possible, as well as the other support systems needed to effectively address BYOD concerns. The only thing the platform won’t do is train your employees how to best use their personal devices for work for you.

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