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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1686

While some enterprise technologies are constantly evolving, mobility has become an important mainstay, with the only change often being increasingly complex devices. According to The VAR Guy , the mobile “revolution” has been in full swing for the past two years, and for businesses that haven’t already invested in a BYOD solution, now is the time.

Some businesses have avoided BYOD as a “passing fad,” hoping that the trend would blow over and business as usual would resume. However, the staying power of this trend has made it into an important mainstay for many companies, and it’s about time that naysayers got onboard. According to The VAR Guy, the consumerization of IT simply isn’t going away, so for companies to remain competitive in today’s markets, they will need a reliable strategy and secure tools for enabling the transition sooner, rather than later.

The majority of professionals in the United States today have a smartphone, tablet or other form of mobile device, and they are constantly using it, if not for work than for their personal lives. And as these two bleed over, individuals are managing their personal and professional lives through their iPhone or Android device. For businesses, it is important to realize that these devices are entering the workplace whether you want them to or not, so why not support them in a way that benefits the company?

Secure BYOD

The most important aspect of BYOD is the fact that it is mobile. These devices are easily carried into and out of the office, and for a business, this can present interesting security concerns. However, with the right approach, a company can minimize risk and improve the benefits that these devices provide. With RDP-based access, a business can focus on keeping its data and enterprise apps safe and secure on its own servers, rather than allowing employees to download them to their devices and then potentially lose that data.

Fighting BYOD is a futile effort in today’s mobile age, and with the right tools for secure and reliable use, now is the perfect time to embrace the future.

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