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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1892

The bring your own device (BYOD), trend is starting to become more of a common practice, and soon the media may not be able to call it a trend at all. However, it seems thatnot everyone has caught onto this fact. According to TechTarget , a blogger wrote about the decline of BYOD due to IT struggles and security risks, yet BYOD solution adoption has never been higher, and more businesses are investigating ways to erase those concerns.

Much like virtualization and telecommuting before it, BYOD is quickly becoming the norm for many businesses. Rather than risk security breaches and employee satisfaction, companies are looking for ways to successfully integrate personal mobile devices into the workplace and improving workflow as a result. However, what is more important is how to address these needs.

According to the news source, it’s the tools that employees are using that should interest businesses, not the fact that they want to use mobile devices in the first place. Siri and Google now are driving instant, voice-activated search, while more businesses are driving big data into the cloud, making it more searchable. Additionally, professionals are looking to consumer apps to replace desktop software, rather than waiting for enterprise apps to be developed by their employer, requiring businesses to closely examine the individual apps employees are using for workflow.

Ultimately, businesses need a secure yet versatile tool to address both device support and comprehensive employee needs for productivity. Often, workflow will stumble due to a lack of support for a specific mobile OS or restricted data access. These are issues that an enterprise can resolve quickly with the right tools, allowing BYOD freedom for its employees.

For a company looking to ensure BYOD stability and productivity, RDP-based access may be the best solution for security and access needs. With remote desktop protocols and an HTML5 RDP client , professionals will have secure,unrestricted access to data and enterprise apps, regardless of the type of device used. Ericom AccessNow provides all of the necessary tools to support BYOD that are both cost effective and reliable. Rather than avoiding one of the most important IT trends of the year, a business can embrace it and gain all of the benefits that it provides.

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