BYOD tactics spread to education

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1720

The enthusiasm for bring-your-own-device (BYOD), programs has spread beyond private sector companies, with employees at government agencies also interested in making use of their personal phones and tablets. A new report by InformationWeek found that the principles of BYOD have gone one step further, with schools turning to user-brought devices to deepen the educational experience. The source suggested that the introduction of personal phones and tablets could completely change the way education is administrated.

Schooling through BYOD

According to the news source, education-focused companies have plans for mobile device use that allow teachers to access analyses of student-input data. In higher education especially, smart devices are becoming more widespread. Finding a way to tap into students’ attachment to their phones and tablets could help administrators increase engagement and act as a helpful way to collect and aggregate digital data with no scanning or conversion.

InformationWeek noted that schools will likely take on complex and in-depth reforms, rather than simply transposing standard textbooks to function in a mobile environment. The source noted that analytics technology can now measure the quirks of individual learning styles, allowing leaders to customize the curriculum more effectively to each student. Work performed on tablets or recorded with phones could give the information needed for this method, and BYOD could ensure projects take off without schools investing heavily in hardware expenditures.

Logging in from afar

Students may not be the only ones connecting to educational networks from afar. The addition of a digital framework and tools to a school’s offerings could have massive implications for the staff, allowing them full access to data at any time through BYOD.

Educators with their own devices can harness zero client access systems to log in to their sophisticated new systems at any time and from any device. No longer dependent on physical access to servers or a desktop system, staff members can increase their own engagement with the data, even as the data itself becomes more descriptive and helpful.

Tracking and dashboards

According to Brookings research, a digital focus could change the way teachers understand their students. The source noted that modern classrooms can include a focus on learning that is based on real-time data accumulation. While educators have to wait for tests and quizzes to gather an understanding of student accomplishment under the current system, an approach more rooted in digital technology could make assessment a constantly- updated process.

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