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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2050

The bring your own device trend blew up in 2012, and now many businesses are scrambling to adopt a solution and keep up with the competition. However, some are making the wrong choices and struggling as a result. Not every BYOD solution is made the same, and for some businesses a different answer is needed.

According toGadget, cost, adaptation and content management are the three main reasons a business might need BYOD. There are a number of factors to consider before adopting such a solution, though, ranging from security to outbound traffic needs. By examining these components first, a company will be able to make a more well-informed decision when it comes to BYOD initiatives.

Content Management, a boon and a curse
The one factor that the news source noted as both a reason to adopt BYOD – or, in some instances, to avoid it – was content management. BYOD solutions allow employees to utilize company data and applications on the go, improve productivity and enable mobile work opportunities. However this also spreads data out and can be an issue when devices don’t align with general IT infrastructure frameworks. As such, businesses must carefully consider their BYOD needs and implement solutions that take these factors into consideration, such as utilizing HTML5 RDP clients that enable wider device support overall.

Security should never be a concern

When it comes to BYOD security, a business should never sacrifice. However, according to the news source, it is difficult to ensure that employees keep their devices up to date with the latest security software and practices. This potential pitfall can be avoided with RDP-based access. Remote access eliminates employee device issues from the equation by adding another layer of security to BYOD and keeping data and enterprise apps stored safely on the company servers, rather than on the device itself.

Adapt and improve

Ultimately, BYOD is a solution for enhancing the workplace and improving versatility and productivity. If a business doesn’t feel that BYOD will accomplish these goals, it should carefully consider its options and see if there are operational changes that must be made to help adapt and improve the company overall. Sometimes the latest IT trends aren’t appropriate for everyone, but often enough, it’s the company that needs to change to improve.

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