BYOD trends continue to grow as solutions improve

MENDY NEWMAN on August 12, 2014 | 2215

The bring your own device (BYOD), trend continued to grow in 2013, as more businesses formally supported a BYOD solution within the workplace. According to Good Technology’s second annual BYOD survey, 76 percent of companies were at the time supporting BYOD, up from 72 percent the previous year, while the number of firms with no plans to adopt an answer to BYOD needs dropped from 9 percent to 5 percent. Additionally, the spread of BYOD adoption continued to move outside of U.S. borders more and more.

BYOD solutions continue to offer a variety of benefits to enterprises willing to adapt to the security and networking needs of supporting personal devices in the workplace. It gives employees the opportunity to use devices they are both more comfortable and more familiar with, and helps companies reduce hardware costs for their IT departments.

Government agencies are increasing BYOD adoption as well, showing universal support across industries with varying security and privacy needs. However, large businesses still lead the pack with 75 percent of acknowledged supporters having 2,000+ employees and 46 percent having over 10,000 workers.

The report shows that BYOD continued to gain traction and those who have no plans to support BYOD were a small and rapidly shrinking minority of their customer base, John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Good Technology, noted in a press release. “This is no surprise to us since we hear every day from our customers how embracing BYOD has made their enterprises more productive, collaborative, and competitive than they ever were before. We’re also seeing that BYOD is going global and that even our largest, most security conscious and highly regulated customers can safely embrace BYOD if they have the policies and supporting solutions in place to protect their business data and applications.”

The most important factor to consider when adopting a BYOD policy is security. Without a reliable and safe solution for data and enterprise application access, a business could be putting more than productivity at risk. Non-compliance with federal and state privacy laws, as well as loss of public image, could result in fines and lawsuits. As such, a company needs to invest in a high-quality solution to security like Ericom AccessNow.

Ericom’s RDP-based access solutions ensure that businesses keep their data and apps safe on their own servers without restricting the benefits that employees get from BYOD.

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