Changing your business with virtualization

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2023

Desktop virtualization solutions are a way to reduce IT costs and the amount of hardware a business uses without affecting computing power or availability. However, they are also an effective way to evolve a business in an efficient and productive way that can change operations for the better.

According to Midsize Insider , many businesses will have the potential to run hundreds of virtual machines by 2016 as network speeds exceed 100Gbps. Virtualization, in addition to the cloud and big data, is becoming one of the most important IT focuses today, and learning how to embrace the technology is an important step for businesses looking to remain competitive. However, it is important to understand how to best implement this tool, and how it will change your company, before investing.

Maximizing resources

With virtualization, a business will be able to better utilize its computers, rather than using the 10 to 20 percent of server power that is common today, according to Business 2 Community . This will not only save on costs, but make the company more energy efficient as well. Rather than squeezing a small percentage of power from numerous machines, the business will be using a much larger percentage of one and getting the same amount of work done.

Being better prepared for disaster

Virtualization also helps a business prepare for the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. Rather than taking hours, or even days, to restore computers and data to working order, a business will only have to worry about its physical server and getting its virtual machines up and running in a matter of minutes.

Efficiency and balance

Overall, the main benefits of virtualization come through running a business more efficiently, both in terms of workflow and costs. While it may not seem like virtual servers and computers will have an effect on general operations, according to B2C, many businesses find that once implemented, virtualization makes work and data flow more balanced, allowing employees to focus on important tasks and accomplish more.

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