Cloud computing expected to affect virtual landscapes

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2465

Virtualization and the cloud aren’t necessarily new technological developments, but they are two of the latest to hit the business scene. According to Computerworld, however, these trends are expected to be major players at this year’s VMWorld expo in San Francisco.

The IT landscape is becoming more dynamic and versatile, and prompting companies to ask themselves questions regarding the future of their computing infrastructure: How will it support mobile devices? Is it ready for cloud integration? Or, is the company’s use of virtualization technologies optimal?

According to the news source, companies like Citrix, Dell and HP are addressing these questions with new virtual desktop solution offerings. These changes and many more are increasing the importance of VDI, the cloud and mobility in business operations.

“More and more enterprises are looking to deliver cloud and mobile applications, which should drive this space,” Brett Waldman, senior research analyst of cloud and virtualization system software at IDC, told the news source. “It just may take a long time.”

Setting up a virtual desktop infrastructure can enable numerous benefits in the workplace, from secure BYOD to improved RDP-based access for employees outside of the office. Hosting company data and applications on organizational servers rather than on employee devices minimizes the risk of the data being accessible to unauthorized parties. That could improve business continuity as well.

To keep costs low and performance high, businesses can invest in Citrix alternatives, such as HTML5 RDP clients with management and security enhancements. These browser-based, or clientless solutions, allow for a wider range of devices to be used for remote access, rather than installing software on end-user devices. Such solutions reduce costs and increase access for authorized employees without reducing performance or creating unnecessary security risks.

The implementation of virtualization in the workplace carries benefits that transfer into mobility, teleworking, better management, enhanced security and more. These new announcement provide businesses with more information to make an informed decision about the technology, and ultimately provide business with solutions that could make the difference between a successful implementation of VDI, and a struggle with it.


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