Cloud expected to be 'everyday' option by 2016

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Both companies and the technologies they use are constantly evolving, with innovation and improvements to old ideas giving businesses new ways to utilize their IT systems. Virtualization, cloud services and the replacement of physical hardware with virtual versions are expected to take over the workplace more and more through the next year, with employees and CIO’s driving adoption. According to IDC , by 2016, cloud services in particular will become the “everyday choice” for businesses, forcing more changes throughout the enterprise.

“Over the next 24 months CIO’s choices for cloud deployment will change,” said Chris Morris, lead analyst of cloud services with IDC. “Hosted private cloud will become the enterprise preference for cloud deployments by 2015.”

IDC predicts that more than 60 percent of business data storage will be allocated to the cloud, and more data centers will be looking to the cloud to enhance services.

However, storage isn’t the only area in which businesses are looking to the cloud for answers. IDC made several other predictions, including a cloud takeover of IT infrastructure and a preference of private over public cloud. Additionally, the firm noted that the cloud may be poised to replace entire physical IT infrastructures / datacenters for some businesses.

Desktop-as-a-Service for all

Desktop virtualization solutions provide businesses with a clear way to reduce hardware and other IT-related costs, improve productivity and access for employees and generally make better use of their IT systems. However, with the cloud growing in both strength and versatility, more companies are considering cloud solutions, like Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) over physical PCs.

DaaS provides businesses with even more flexible access and use for their desktop needs at a lower cost than physical PC upkeep and maintenance. However, to gain full advantage of DaaS, a business also needs the right tools for accessibility. Remote access tools promote use of DaaS without reducing security or reliability of the system for the business. Rather than putting data, enterprise applications and company infrastructure at risk, employees can utilize access tools that secure Cloud-hosted data.

Though embracing any new technology can be nerve-racking for a business, by using the right tools, security, reliability and workflow can all be maintained, or even enhanced during the process.

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