Cloud, mobility top list of high-impact tech for businesses

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2073

Technology trends are generating a great deal of talk in the business world. From helping companies simplify workflow and improve productivity to optimizing existing IT investments and inspiring innovative work practices, these tools provide numerous benefits to today’s businesses.


Business 2 Community recently analyzed the results of a poll on some of today’s key technology trends including the cloud, mobility and others. Only 19 percent of respondents said they spend less than 10 percent of their time working remotely, while 28 percent said they do so more than half the time. The opportunity to work remotely relies on mobility technology and employer support.

Cloud computing

Virtues of the cloud are well-discussed among many businesses and technology media outlets, but actual use cases may differ. According to the survey, many professionals find that the main benefit of the cloud is its flexibility and scale, with cost efficiency and accessibility tied for the second biggest advantage. However, as with mobility, it takes the right technology implementation to make the cloud work for a business.

Desktop virtualization solutions can enable businesses to integrate a mobile or cloud computing strategy in a way that is beneficial to both end users and a company’s bottom line.

Remote access tools like desktop virtualization and an HTML5 RDP client enable a business to provide employees with secure remote access to centralized company data and applications. This approach simplifies access management and support without risk of unauthorized access or data being lost. Additionally, with the right access client, employees won’t be limited to Windows or Apple devices for their work. They will be able to use any operating system or platform – true mobility freedom.

Though not all businesses may be ready to jump on the mobility or cloud bandwagons just yet, knowing the steps and being prepared for future developments is a good way to simplify the process and catch any potential problems before they occur.

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