Cloud VDI market expected to grow significantly

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2145

A recent study by Infiniti Research focused on the global cloud-based VDI market, and predicted annual growth of 30 percent between 2012 and 2016. Reduced desktop infrastructure costs and increased adoption of mobile devices are key factors in this growth, as is the willingness of businesses to adopt the latest technologies to get ahead.

The study, based on in-depth analysis of enterprise adoption and industry experts, examined where the market may be in 2016, the trends driving it and challenges to its growth. However, for businesses, this projected increase means much more. With VDI expected to grow significantly, this means more enterprises will be adopting desktop virtualization solutions, and businesses that don’t have a plan in place to do so already should consider implementing one – or risk falling behind the competition.

Cost drives growth

The cost savings that cloud VDI solutions offer is one of the main factors in the expected growth, according to the study. These savings come from the elimination of many IT costs, from computer maintenance to the purchasing of software licenses. However, what is more important is how a company can pass those savings on to other aspects of its operations, such as improving network infrastructure to enable faster performance, or shifting the funds to other areas of the business such as production or marketing.

VDI supports BYOD

It is also important for businesses to note that investing in VDI can help enable other initiatives, such as the implementation of a BYOD solution. With VDI, a business gains the remote access and support it needs to keep data and enterprise apps secure when employees access them via mobile devices. Using RDP-based access, a company can eliminate the risk of data being lost or stolen should employees misuse or misplace their device, without negatively affecting the benefits of BYOD in the first place.

Cloud-based desktop virtualization solutions provide many benefits to businesses looking to improve operations and reduce IT budgets. However, to implement VDI, a company must utilize the needed necessary through high-quality tools like Ericom’sPowerTerm WebConnect, and ensure that VDI is both secure and successful.

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