Cloud, virtualization and preparing for the storm

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1888

According to The Street , many businesses still misunderstand the cloud and the value that the combination of virtualization, distributed computing and online resilience can offer. While many may struggle to find a need for cloud computer or related desktop virtualization solutions, other businesses are finding real benefits in these services and tools.

Businesses aren’t only turning to the cloud to take advantage of online storage and Software-as-a-Service. They are also seeking to reduce the cost of computing and simplify their IT infrastructure, according to Sys-Con Media . These benefits are far more interesting to modern companies, as the ability to do more with less is a major priority for many businesses. With the cloud and VDI opportunities, businesses are accomplishing this on a broad scale.
According to The Street, though, the cloud and the services related to it are constantly evolving and changing the way businesses operate. Before too long, companies may forget what it was like doing business without the cloud. The current generation entering college does not remember a time before the internet, so it isn’t that farfetched to imagine the end of the pre-cloud era.

Virtualization and the cloud

Virtualization and the cloud provide ways for businesses to reduce hardware without cutting back on computing power. With powerful desktop virtualization tools, a business can provide secure and reliable access to cloud-hosted desktops and applications from any device. Both services reinforce the “less is more” strategy, but only with both together can businesses gain the additional benefit of resiliency.

Resilience and continuity

With Hurricane Sandy recently striking the East Coast, many businesses were currently more concerned with their continuity strategy than computing power. However, the cloud and virtualization do more than allow companies to do more with less hardware; they also provide disaster preparedness, allowing a business to continue accessing data and applications despite the inclement weather conditions. This means that even with an outage at the office, employees can continue to work remotely from wherever they do have power.

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