Common sense often the best security

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1961

Bring your own device (BYOD), provides a wide array of benefits, and comes with some challenges as well. Implementing a BYOD solution can be daunting for some businesses not prepared for the potential risks. However, with the right technology and a bit of planning, a business can successfully implement a strategy to bring personal devices into the workplace and embrace the consumerization of IT.

What many BYOD advocates forget to mention is that often, the most important tool when considering and adopting these solutions is common sense.

Common sense gets you past the hurdles

Anyone who says that BYOD doesn’t have some challenges or risks is lying. However, if someone says those hurdles are reasons to avoid adopting it as a productivity enhancing and cost saving solution, they are also wrong. In most cases, the risks of adopting BYOD can be avoided by a little examination of how those risks come to be in the first place.

Security loopholes

The “biggest risk” when it comes to BYOD is security, many would say. However, a BYOD solution is as secure as the company that implements it. In many cases, the security risks already exist due to poor preparation or lacking guidelines in the first place, BYOD simple exaggerates these issues and brings them more prominently into the light. For some businesses, adopting BYOD actually provides an excellent opportunity to reexamine security protocols and improve them where needed.

Human error

In many cases, the largest threat to BYOD and general company security is the user, or regular employee. Many people simply aren’t aware of secure password precautions, such as how to minimize the success of brute force attempts, and how to ensure that passwords are adequate on a security level, yet easy to remember. These issues can be resolved with a little training, as well as instruction on how to avoid phishing attempts and various forms of social hacking.

Eliminating security risks is just one step of the process to successfully implementing BYOD, but it is an important one. By using a little common sense and ensuring employees use it too, along side RDP-based access tools and other necessary technologies, a business can adopt BYOD with ease, and ensure that it is a promising endeavor.

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