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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2122

Bring your own device (BYOD), solutions require planning, communications and technology to successfully implement in reliable and secure ways. However, according to a recent study by Globo, 14 percent of professionals were unaware of any BYOD policy at their company, and 91 percent were unsure if their employer was planning on implementing a BYOD solution. About 68 percent of respondents said they already use their personal devices in the workplace.

Communication regarding the existence of BYOD policies or the specifics of those policies is key to success with the trend for a number of reasons. Employees who aren’t sure if their company has a BYOD policy aren’t likely to not use their devices, but will simply use them however they want, creating unchecked security risks. Additionally, if a business has a high-quality BYOD strategy in place but no one knows about it, it cannot be effective.

BYOD is an important modern IT trend, and ensuring that it is implemented and used properly can help a business succeed with its technology needs. Permitting the use of mobile devices within the workplace can lower costs, improve productivity and provide for additional benefits – but this can only occur if employees are aware of the business policies regarding it.

“The next important step is to communicate the policy to employees and make sure that they understand their rights and the rights of the company,” stated Globo’s vice president of business development and marketing, Aggelos Grypaios. “Defining and managing a BYOD strategy that protects the security of the employee and the employer will keep companies competitive in the market by creating a mobile workforce.”

This lack of clear communication regarding BYOD policies has a variety of other effects as well. Many employees don’t understand the best ways to utilize their devices in the workplace, which a little education from the company can resolve, and some professionals aren’t even aware that they can utilize their smart phones or tablets for business use. Clearly defined, communicated and enforced BYOD policies can promote productivity improvements and general enhancements of employee job satisfaction, simply by promoting and approving the use of the workers iPhone or Galaxy tablet.

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