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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1174

I’m guessing that by now many of you have heard that Microsoft has purchased Calista Technologies. As Brian Madden explained in his post analyzing this purchase:

Calista … was in the process of developing extensions to Windows and RDP that virtualized the entire GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) of the host computer. This enables RDP to support multimedia, streaming and synchronized audio, and full and high-fidelity desktops and applications–all over a standard RDP connection from a standard RDP client device

In short, Calista is developing technologies that enhance the performance of Microsoft’s RDP so that it can provide much better visual user experience, especially for multimedia-rich applications.

So what do we, at Ericom, think about this? Also in short, we are very happy and excited about this. One reason that we are happy is that we have “bet the farm” on Microsoft’s presentation virtualization platform. Consequently every time Microsoft enhances the capabilities of this platform it is a win for us. In this case, once Microsoft integrates the Calista technology into RDP our PowerTerm WebConnect will be able to provide a richer user experience from Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops and Blade PCs. Indeed, given PowerTerm WebConnect’s architecture, we will probably gain these capabilities with little effort on our part, and make them quickly available to both existing and new customers.

Another reason that we are happy about this is that this purchase, coupled with numerous enhancements that Microsoft has already provided in Windows Server 2008, validates Microsoft’s growing commitment to Server Based Computing. This is also good news for us, indeed for everybody involved in this market segment, because Microsoft’s commitment and endorsement will certainly increase the usage of Server Based Computing. There are many organizations out there that could and should be using Server Based Computing but currently are not. Microsoft’s endorsement will cause many such organizations to give it a try, and technologies such as Microsoft Calista and Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect will enable Server Based Computing to satisfy their needs.

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