What to consider for providing RDP-based remote access

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1467

Recent trends and technological innovations have made it easier, and in some instances better, for employees to work remotely and still have access to enterprise data, the network and applications.

To support this trend, many organizations are using RDP and other remote access tools, such as VPNs, to allow employees to securely view and leverage their work desktops on virtually any device.

According to a recent report from PropertyCasualty360 , there are numerous considerations to take into account when procuring and implementing tools for remote access, and RDP performance and speed should be top of mind.

1. Which devices can be used?

PropertyCasualty360 contributor Frank Sentner noted there should be little restriction when it comes to the devices that can be used for remote access. This means employees should be able to work on a laptop at the airport, an iPad at a coffee shop or a personally owned smartphone in a home office.

2. What’s the level of security?

Allowing employees to access applications and desktops from outside the enterprise firewall may worry some IT decision-makers. However, RDP tools can ensure that end users’ devices afford organizations the same protection as office PCs or Macs.

3. What’s needed at the office?

In order to provide remote access, PropertyCasualty360 noted, the company can leverage Remote Desktop Services, or RDS. This will allow the organization to configure a remote device as it would an office desktop computer, with the appropriate login credentials and passwords for certain applications.

Trends leading to widespread remote access

While the notion of telecommuting is nothing new, it seems more companies than ever are allowing employees to work remotely. This could be due, in large part, to the exponential rise of mobile devices and robust mobile technology within the past several years.

And with that trend has come consumerization and bring your own device (BYOD),. According to a new report fromJuniper Research, 350 million employees worldwide will use personally owned devices at work in 2014, up from 150 million this year.

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