Consumerization of IT drives new opportunities for businesses

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1540

Businesses are always looking for a competitive advantage or a way to be more productive and increase profits. According toBdaily, social media, BYOD solutions and the general consumerization of IT are driving forces providing these benefits today.

Professionals are looking for easy and intuitive answers to their computing needs, and, in many cases, their personal devices are providing these solutions more effectively than company-provided systems. As a result, many are demanding to be able to use these devices, and gain support for them, in the workplace – and some employees aren’t taking no for an answer. However, unprepared IT departments may struggle with this fast-acting trend. In order to make everyone happy and ensure smooth implementation of any new technology, businesses need to make the call to adopt the software and other tools necessary to provide for these demands.

Before a business can embrace and benefit from the consumerization of IT, it needs to understand how this will affect its operations and profits. According to the news source, Gartner Research labels consumerization as one of the more significant trends to affect businesses over the next 10 years. This doesn’t simply mean more workers will want to bring their iPads and smartphones into the office though. It includes the spread of new technologies in corporate infrastructure, and the adaptation of formal technology policies to include breakthrough devices. This will also require businesses to rethink their other IT practices.

The cloud, virtualization and other services and strategies will all affect consumerization and mobility trends, impacting everything from the way employees access data and applications to how businesses plan for disaster recovery. These various technologies are groundbreaking and new, and simply adopting them and hoping for the best won’t cut it. Companies need a strong approach that includes training, knowledge and support, and the right tools to accomplish this reliably and securely.

Ultimately, this will require an expansion of thinking and a change in the mindsets of IT decision-makers. According to Bdaily, this shift must go from a focus on producing results to more innovation. Only then will the business be able to adapt and grow successfully.

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