Continued proliferation drives new wave of BYOD

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As more and more professionals bring personal devices into the workplace to utilize for everyday operations, the question businesses should be asking is not how to support the bring your own device (BYOD), trend or whether or not to allow it at all, but how to make access to company data and applications reliable and secure for those employees. Finding the right BYOD solution for the company is a matter of keeping workflow optimized while ensuring there are no risks created through adoption of this new trend.

According to BankInfoSecurity , this requires businesses to prepare for the new devices and educate employees on proper security and general use of their smartphones and tablets. With these issues addressed, many can begin to benefit from the improved productivity and flexibility that BYOD provides. However, in order to fully achieve success, the right tools are needed for accessibility.

Remote access

Allowing for the use of personal devices in the workplace is fine, but a business has to ensure employees are utilizing company data and applications properly and securely. Simply allowing workers to download company information to their smartphones or tablets and take it home creates the potential for disaster. When it comes to remote access, a company must consider the need to keep data and applications safely on its servers.

With RDP-based access, employees will still be able to easily access and use data and applications, but the chance that company-owned information could be lost or stolen is greatly reduced. This effectively eliminates the primary challenges associated with BYOD and allows a business to adopt the latest trends without making them overly complicated for employees.

Though no two businesses are the same, many can benefit from the advantages that BYOD and remote access provide. Through these tools, efficient workflow and enhanced productivity can come hand in hand with reduced operational and IT costs. This allows a company that adopts these solutions to focus on more important aspects of running a business and IT infrastructure, rather than struggling with security and adoption of these tools.

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