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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1464

If you’re involved in IT in general, and in virtualization in particular, then Doug Brown’s excellent DABCC-TV video podcast is a must-see. DABCC-TV is a video show geared around virtualization and Server-Based Computing news and support, providing “how to” videos, detailed video interviews and product demonstrations pertaining to technologies such as VMware, Microsoft, SoftGrid, Citrix, performance management, and application deployment. In the latest three episodes of his show Doug Brown interviews Kevin Goodman, CEO and Founder of RTO Software. This is a real treat because Kevin has a wonderful knack for describing technology in a way that is understandable, engaging and fun.

In these videos Doug and Kevin discuss and demo three products from RTO Software:

  1. RTO Discover – deep discovery of applications, network devices, servers and clients in your IT infrastructure by tracking application dependencies, application inventory, configuration changes and licensing information
  2. RTO PinPoint – real-time performance and critical-path monitoring, root-cause analysis and end-to-end visibility of applications
  3. RTO TScale – Terminal Services optimization solution that increases the scalability, reliability and performance of applications through application shaping and resource optimization

I would like to mention that Ericom Software and RTO have a strategic relationship by which these RTO products are bundled with Ericom’s Citrix alternative - PowerTerm WebConnect. Specifically, RTO TScale is bundled with our PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView product, and all three products, TScale, PinPoint and Discover, are bundled with PowerTerm WebConnect Enterprise. This bundling means that when you purchase PowerTerm WebConnect you get these RTO products at no extra charge. This is yet another great reason to try out PowerTerm WebConnect today.

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