Desktop virtualization key aspect of business continuity

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 2102

Business continuity is an essential aspect of running a company, much like insurance and human resources management. Desktop virtualization is an excellent tool for improving workplace productivity and enhancing the mobility and efficiency of employees. According to CloudTweaks, desktop virtualization is also becoming synonymous with business continuity these days.

Desktop virtualization solutions is becoming an important tool for business continuity due in part to the improvements that cloud computing offers, the news source reported. In fact, desktop virtualization, which is today touted as a cost-savings, productivity improvement tool, was originally focused on continuity.

The separation of the physical machine from the desktop environment has a number of benefits for businesses, from increasing the efficiency of computing power to reducing the cost of replacing and maintaining physical hardware. It also helps businesses protect data and resources – with remote access employees can do their job from anywhere with a computer and internet access without removing company data or apps from secure servers. However, all of these benefits contribute to continuity as well.

Business continuity, especially in cases of natural disaster, comes down to two primary aspects: how quickly the business can resume operations, and how much is lost due to system damage or malfunctions. Desktop virtualization allows a business to protect a single, system or group of systems, rather than a wide array of desktops, laptops and mobile devices, centralizing protection and recovery efforts. This increases recovery speed and efficiency while allowing employees to easily work remotely, which eliminates downtime caused by physical damage.

Ultimately, desktop virtualization is an essential aspect of running a modern, high tech business. However, it also requires careful planning and consideration, such as what solutions to utilize to implement and improve it, and how to provide employees with easily, universal access to the data and apps they need. Ericom’s HTML5 RDP client , AccessNow, provides the tools necessary to enhance VDI, and bring it into the workplace conveniently.

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