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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1715

While some companies are worried about how to support a variety of devices, and how to handle employee issues with any smartphone or tablet, the real concerns should be security and access. Carol Fawcett, CIO of Dell’s software division, recently told ComputerWorld UK that businesses have to focus on the end user, not the device in his or her hands, when looking to improve workflow and operations with bring your own device (BYOD),. Early adopters had to learn this lesson quickly, but businesses can learn from earlier mistakes, and start on the right foot.

According to Fawcett, the trick is to recognize that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, and rather than try to support everyone’s devices, support the data and applications they are trying to use.

“You need to recognize your limitations. In the end, you can’t support the physical aspect of it, you can’t support every device somebody will bring in,” Fawcett told the news source. “You have to step back and recognize that if you attempt to support every single device, your cost for an IT department will just raise up so high.”

The trick is to turn a BYOD solution from a device-based conversation to a role-based conversation. Fawcett notes that employees will want to use a variety of devices in and out of the workplace to get their job done, but accomplish this by reducing the equation to having the right username and password, rather than the right device.

For businesses looking to implement a quality BYOD solution, remote access is key. Using an RDP client, a business can ensure secure access on any device, keeping data and applications safe on the company server without limiting employees on what device they can use or the locations from which they can log in.

BYOD is about allowing employees to do their jobs more effectively, on devices they are familiar with. Rather than worry about the devices, businesses can establish a secure, reliable and flexible solution that allows those workers to access what they need to, do it whenever they need to, and get their jobs done.

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