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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1085

For several years now, I’ve been a big fan of RTO Software. RTO practically invented the concept of virtual memory optimization for Terminal Services (and Kevin Goodman, RTO’s CEO has the patents to prove it) and to this day has the best solution on the market, in my opinion. For this reason, I was very pleased when Ericom and RTO agreed to bundle the latest version of TScale Advanced into PowerTerm WebConnect. Out of the box, PowerTerm WebConnect can provide up to 50% greater scalability than Citrix per server. Combined with the RTO TScale, this scalability benefit becomes even more pronounced. In addition TScale Advanced enables Terminal Servers to provide a more robust and consistent application performance and user experience, which is crucial in an enterprise Server Based Computing environment. Probably the bast way to learn about this technology is by listening to Kevin Goodman describe it himself.

I’m now very happy to inform you that Ericom and RTO have agreed to expand this relationship and also bundle RTO’s PinPoint and Discover into PowerTerm WebConnect. RTO PinPoint is, in my opinion, the leading solution for application performance monitoring for Server Based Computing environments. In such environments it can be very difficult to diagnose performance problems and identify bottlenecks due to their complex nature, and the various interdependencies between their components. At the same time identifying and addressing such problems can be crucial because they can impact the entire organization. RTO have leveraged their unique and deep understanding of the internal workings of Windows and Terminal Servers to create a solution that provides the following features:

  • Root cause Analysis – Simple intuitive interface and easy to find and troubleshoot root cause quickly with the ability to replay historical activity.
  • End-To-End monitoring – Collect, measure and monitor application performance from the client to the server endpoints and track the User Experience.
  • Critical Path Monitoring – Auto-discover servers and group business-critical servers in the critical path of a transaction or user session and set alerts and threshold triggers to this group.

To learn more about this technology you can (and should), listen to Kevin Goodman describe it.

Discover is yet another great solution from RTO that addresses the need for an automated tool for enterprise IT managers and staff to get an accurate, real-time understanding of their complex IT infrastructure. RTO Discover is able to analyze and map environments comprised of thousands of applications, servers and network devices. It is, in my opinion, an indispensable tool for any system administrator. Kevin Goodman provides an excellent overview of RTO Discover in this interview.

We are currently in the final stages of implementing this integration. A new version of Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect that combines all the benefits of these RTO products should be available for download and evaluation from our web site within a few weeks. Watch this space for the announcement of its availability.

By the way, it is not by chance that Kevin Goodman was the first interviewee on Brian Madden Live, and the second interviewee on DABCC Radio, where he has since been interviewed again. Kevin is an amazing person with an uncanny ability to grasp complex technical issues and simplify them so that they become understandable and addressable. I highly recommend viewing videos of presentations he has delivered at previous BriForums, which you can find here.

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