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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1099

BriForum, the independent conference about presentation, desktop and application virtualization, is just five days away and Ericom is proud to be a sponsor of this important industry event. James Lui, Ericom’s Director of Technical Services, will be presenting a session at BriForum entitled “Unifying Presentation Virtualization, VDI & Teradici PC-over-IP with Ericom”. If you are coming to BriForum here are five reasons why you should attend this session:

  1. James will present Ericom’s complete solution for Presentation Virtualization (SBC), and Desktop Virtualization (VDI), solution, PowerTerm WebConnect, including our free offerings for Terminal Services and VDI.
  2. James will demonstrate the benefits of Ericom’s unique unified approach, supporting Terminal Servers, virtual desktops and Blade PCs using a single product. This blended approach means that you can provide each user with the optimal functionality in the most cost-effective manner.
  3. James will also interactively show our graphic enhancements for RDP as well as our support for Teradici PC-over-IP. Combined, these technologies provide end-users with an optimal computing experience – using either a pure-software solution or a hardware-enhanced solution, as appropriate.
  4. James will discuss Ericom’s roadmap for the future, including first-time demonstrations of cool technologies coming down the pipe.
  5. James is a great presenter and the session includes some must-see demos.

If you are unable to attend our session make sure to visit us at the BriForum Demo Lab for a hands-on interactive session.

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