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Yesterday Brian Madden posted a report stating that Citrix is apparently delaying the release of XenApp 5.0 (the “Delaware” version of Presentation Server), by several months. This is the first Citrix product intended to support Windows Server 2008 (the current Presentation Server 4.5 product does not work on the new Microsoft platform) and Citrix has previously stated that it would be released 90 days after Microsoft releases Windows Server 2008. If this report is correct then Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect will remain the only Presentation Virtualization (SBC), product that supports Windows Server 2008 for a long time to come (in fact PowerTerm WebConnect is certified by Microsoft for Windows Server 2008 and promoted by Microsoft on the Terminal Services home page),. In his report Brian acknowledges Ericom’s achievement and writes:

… Ericom managed to get the Windows Server 2008 version of their server-based computing product out the door the same day Microsoft released Server 2008. (I know, I know… You could argue that Ericom’s product is much simpler than Citrix’s and thus easier to port to Server 2008. But that doesn’t change the fact that the new features and inner workings of Server 2008 have been known for years, that Microsoft and Citrix are BFFs, and that Citrix told everyone about a million times that XenApp 5 would be out 90 days after Server 2008.),

Brian is absolutely correct that Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect is much simpler than Citrix XenApp – this is by design. At Ericom we are great believers in simplicity because products that have a simpler architecture are:

  1. Easier to install, configure and manage (see our “ten minutes to Presentation Virtualization” video),
  2. More robust and dependable
  3. Provide better performance and increased capacity
  4. Result in lower TCO and greater ROI

Also, products have a simpler architecture are easier to enhance and extend, which is how we have been able to support Windows Server 2008 so quickly. Indeed, this is not the first time we are ahead of Citrix – we were the first to introduce support for Windows Server 2003 x64 also on the day of its release, approximately six months ahead of Citrix (and Quest/Provision still do not support 64-bit Terminal Services and have not provided any timeframes for Windows Server 2008 support),.

How is it that we are able to provide the features required for a robust and mature Presentation Virtualization solution while retaining simplicity? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Ericom initially designed PowerTerm WebConnect for Windows Server 2000 and 2003, taking full advantage of their capabilities. Whereas Citrix architected Presentation Server over 13 years ago on top of Windows NT 3.51.
  2. With PowerTerm WebConnect we make sure to add those features that customers really need and will actually use.
  3. PowerTerm WebConnect uses a three-tier architecture that cleanly separates the Connection Broker from the Terminal Severs. As a result, only a very small agent (2MB), needs to be installed on the Terminal Servers. Citrix installs hundreds of MBs on each and
    every Terminal Server, placing significant load on these servers and reducing their capacity and performance .
  4. PowerTerm WebConnect’s Terminal Server agent does not replace any Windows services and does not alter the Windows logon process.
  5. Because the Connection Broker is separated from Terminal Servers, it is highly scalable and a single instance is able to support thousands of concurrent sessions.

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