Ericom Unveils New Secure Browsing Solution at Infosecurity Europe

DANIEL MILLER on June 08, 2017 | 1713

Ericom’s UK team has been busy this week Infosecurity Europe 2017 in London, where they are unveiling Ericom’s new Secure Browsing solution, Ericom Shield™. As Director of Product Marketing, I had the distinct privilege of joining the team at Booth K84, as well as presenting a demo of Ericom’s browser isolation to a captive audience at the Cyber Innovation Showcase yesterday.

Designed to address the massive volume of ransomware and other malware plaguing today’s enterprises and users via browsers, Ericom Shield isolates all web browsing from vulnerable endpoints, and is now the safest way for users to freely browse the Internet. Ericom Shield browser isolation is an always-on safety layer between the Web and the corporate network. The solution enables rapid deployment at any scale with zero endpoint software or configuration required.

Joshua Behar, Ericom President and CEO, called the new offering “a real game changer”, as it helps organizations dramatically reduce the risk of infection by ransomware, zero-day attacks, drive-by downloads, infected emails and files, and other malicious web content. Check out the full article here.

Ericom Shield has garnered attention as a web security solution designed for scalability and seamless user productivity, and is compatible with any HTML5 web browser on any device. Watch our new video to find out how Joe CISO is using Ericom Shield to mitigate the risks associated with employee browsing threats, while allowing users to enjoy a seamless and native web browsing experience—on any device:

george and joey

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