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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1041

Yet again, Brian Madden has done a great service to our community — this time by providing free access to hundreds of videos of BriForum sessions. I was fortunate to participate and present at a few BriForums. Now, thanks to Brian, I can link to these presentations. In this post I’m starting a short series in which I highlight each presentation, provide a link as well as a short description of its content.

Web Interfaces in a Restricted World

Web interfaces are probably the most common method for accessing presentation and desktop virtualization solutions (SBC/TS/VDI/whatever),. Two years ago I presented a breakout session on web interfaces, describing how they works, and potentially more importantly, why they sometimes don’t work. I also provided information on what a system administrator can do in order to increase the likelihood that a web interface will work. Some additional topics covered in this presentation include:

  1. Why and how are web interfaces different from regular web applications?
  2. ActiveX vs. Java Applets vs. MIME Types as methods for launching clients
  3. The implications of Vista (and Windows 7), UAC and Internet Explorer Protected Mode on web interfaces
  4. Registry keys and setting that control browser and application behavior

You can find the video of this presentation here.

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