Freek Berson, RDS MVP, Catches a First Glance of Ericom AccessNow for Microsoft RD Connection Broker (RDCB),

RONIT GOLDSTAND on December 17, 2014 | 3480

Meet Ericom AccessNow for Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RDCB), – the newest flavor in the Ericom AccessNow product line. Adding simplicity, speed and cross-platform HTML5 flexibility to RDCB-brokered environments, it enables you to deliver 100% browser-based access to RDCB-published Windows desktops & applications, from any device, anywhere.

Freek Berson, a Desktop Virtualization Specialist at Wortell and Microsoft MVP on Remote Desktop Services, has been test-driving Ericom AccessNow for RDCB during the private beta. He recently shared some of his experiences with it on his blog.

His conclusion? The smooth integration of AccessNow for RDCB with an existing Microsoft RDS environment makes it really easy to set up and provide HTML5 access to end users, whether as a means of connection or to support BYOD scenarios, fulfilling the needs of various use cases.

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