Is the future of the cloud green?

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1858

The cloud supports a number of technologies and trends for businesses, from BYOD solutions to virtualization. However, it is also a young technology that has plenty of opportunities for innovation and expansion. As more experts explore the future of the cloud and hosted services , the benefits and advantages it can offer business will only grow.

According to Cloud Pro, a recent Dell Think Tank introduced some new ideas regarding the cloud, its adoption, and where it may be going. The study also offered some demographics on how different businesses approach online solutions for storage, applications and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS),.

Topics discussed at the event included privacy, “shadow IT” and most importantly, the innovation of cloud services. Of all the topics discussed at the event however, according to the news source the most important thing to take away is that innovation with the cloud is often starts the ground up. The example given was Estonia, a country once living in the shadow of the Soviet Union that has since grown to be the most digitally connected in Europe. Because it had no infrastructure to begin with, Estonia was able to develop a highly effective technology infrastructure more easily than those working with legacy systems.

A green future

However, for businesses looking to implement cloud services for various needs, starting from the ground up can be effective as well. Rather than trying to fit the cloud into previously existing systems, a company may want to gut and replace its IT infrastructure with desktop virtualization solutions, DaaS, online storage and other, current technology solutions.

One major effect this can have is promoting a more “green” technological environment. According to CloudTweaks, the cloud and DaaS, in addition to virtualization, can help a business reduce its energy consumption. By making better use of less technology, a business will be helping protect the environment while improving its own productivity and efficiency as well. With an average server rated at 500W and running 24/7, according to the news source, it will consume about 4380KWh a year. By running one server more efficiently, rather than running multiple machines, this can take a significant impact off of Mother Nature.

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