Global Financial Services Firm Selects Ericom AccessNow for Windows-Mac Compatibility

MENDY NEWMAN on November 20, 2014 | 2190

A prominent financial services firm has selected Ericom AccessNow to replace its Java solution and provide a better user experience for its Mac, Windows and mobile users.

With thousands of employees around the globe, the company provides investment management services worldwide. As a financial services firm, security is of utmost importance and the company utilizes a virtual private network (VPN), powered by Juniper Networks. Through this infrastructure, employees are authenticated through Microsoft Active Directory and granted remote access to the desktop resources they are assigned to.

Among the thousands of employees, several hundred are Mac users who need the capability to remotely access their physical, PC-based computing environments. These Mac users, as well as others, also utilize mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks. Dependent on a Java-based application which proved to be unreliable, the firm needed to find an alternative solution, especially as certain versions of Java were no longer supported by Apple.

Connectivity Challenges

When employees log in to the VPN, a Java application launches to establish a secure tunnel to their Windows desktop environment. Because of compatibility issues between Apple devices and Java, Mac users could not consistently connect and when they did, the user experience was slow and offered poor visuals, colors and graphics.

The organization had been looking for a solution to provide non-Windows (primarily Mac OS X), users with remote access to their physical desktops. Java had become too troublesome and unstable, so they opted for HTML5 technology and Ericom AccessNow to deliver browser-based access, citing performance, product maturity and price as their key criteria.

Leveraging HTML5 technology, AccessNow provides browser-based access to Windows applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Services/RDS, physical and virtual desktops, and on VDI platforms. It supports all popular, HTML5-compatible Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Empowering Mac Users

Integrating AccessNow, employees, especially Mac users, now have the capability to access their physical Windows desktops as well as from all types of mobile devices, including Chromebooks, without compromising performance and security.

Users still authenticate through a VPN but AccessNow provides fast, one-click access to their remote desktops and applications.

According to an IT manager, the organization’s users rave about the connection speed and convenience of remotely logging in from standard HTML5-compliant browsers.

Ericom AccessNow helped the financial firm address the crucial software compatibility issues associated with Java and Apple products. By replacing the Java application, the team can now deliver a better remote access user experience that is secure, yet easy to use.

Looking to the future, AccessNow’s cross-platform support and flexibility will make it easy to integrate with the company’s virtualized infrastructure which is currently in the planning stage.

Learn how AccessNow can empower your users with access to Windows desktops and applications across platforms and devices.

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