Higher Ed Institution Delivers Browser-Based Access to ERP (Part 4 /4 - Case Study)

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Welcome to Part 4 in our 4-part series on providing clientless, browser-based access to ERP systems, from any device, anywhere. In Part 1 and Part 2, we honed in on some key issues and challenges related to enterprise resource planning (ERP), software. We also cited the growing popularity of leveraging HTML5 technology to provide clientless, browser-based access to Cloud and on-premises ERPs, supporting the broadest range of user devices. And in Part 3, we introduced Ericom AccessNow™, a high performance HTML5, browser-based remote desktop client for accessing Windows-based ERPs and other applications / desktops. In the last segment of our 4-part series, we explain how North Greenville University leveraged Ericom to provide browers-based access to IBM SPSS,CAMS ERP from Three Rivers Systems, and other Windows applications

Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Greenville University (NGU), is comprised of three campuses, 2,500 students and 500 administrative, faculty and staff. Each user community requires access to a mix of applications including various modules of an ERP solution specifically designed for higher education institutions.

NGU selected Ericom’s HTML5 access technology to provide students, faculty and staff with browser-based access to hosted Windows applications. NGU is utilizing Ericom’s solutions to drive key initiatives at the university such as BYOD and distance education which require easy access to a broad range of applications from all types of devices.

“Through standard browsers, NGU can deliver all of the features and functionality of our SPSS and ERP systems, giving users the flexibility to remotely access information and files securely from across an array of endpoint devices”, explained Tim Patterson, Network Services Manager at North Greenville University. “Ericom offered a brilliant solution that addressed our BYOD security concerns”.

Key Benefits of Ericom’s Browser-Based Access Solution

  • Enables students, faculty and staff to securely access ERP system modules via standard browsers
  • Zero endpoint installation eliminates the need to configure and manage client software on endpoint devices, significantly reducing IT and Helpdesk support workload
  • Takes advantage of existing ERP infrastructure and requires no coding and ongoing maintenance
  • Extends the life of the ERP system by allowing remote access across an array of devices

More About Ericom AccessNow

RDP is a technology that has historically relied on client-side software to function properly. AccessNow lets users harness the power and security of RDP in the browser, without these complicated software components. This technology enables organizations to enjoy the following benefits:

  • AccessNow provides access to Windows desktops and applications such as SAP Business One and other ERP systems (cloud or on-premise),.
  • BYOD Enabler — supports access from any HTML5 compatible browser on any end-user device, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad / iPhone, Android, Chromebook, etc.
  • Comes with Ericom SSL Secure Gateway; provides secure, encrypted access when connecting from outside the firewall – http://www.ericom.com/SecureGateway. AccessNow also works smoothly with existing SSL VPNs, such as those from Juniper, Cisco and more.
  • Integrates network compression and acceleration technology, delivering superior remote access performance even under low-bandwidth conditions.
  • Provides access to local resources such as the client device file system, printers and clipboard.
  • Enables users to work with their ERP system and other published Windows or web applications, simultaneously.

With the increase in workforce mobility, BYOD trend and staff requiring remote access to ERP systems, providing local and remote access to business resources, is crucial for worker productivity and efficiency. Organizations must rethink how they deliver and manage IT resources, including their ERP infrastructure. They must find ways to extend the reach of ERP systems to users “anywhere, anytime, and across any device”, while helping organizations get more out of their IT investment in enterprise systems. This can be achieved by capitalizing on HTML5 technology with products such as AccessNow, allowing workers to access business-critical resources through industry standard Web browsers without compromising security and IT control.

This concludes part 4 or a 4-part series on providing clientless, HTMl5 access to ERP and other Windows-based systems from any device, anywhere. – To experience the simplicity and usefulness of HTML5 access, click here to try an online demo of AccessNow.

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