Introducing Ericom Blaze – Breakthrough RDP Acceleration and Compression

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1256

Ericom has just announced Ericom Blaze, a breakthrough in RDP acceleration and compression, which makes RDP, well, blazingly fast. I’m extremely excited about Ericom Blaze because it can overcome both bandwidth and latency limitations to provide significantly enhanced end-user experience on both WAN and LAN. This is crucial for successful SBC and VDI deployments. Ericom Blaze achieves this by performing three key operations:

  1. Compresses RDP by a factor of 10 or more (in some cases much more),
  2. Performs packet shaping to optimize network utilization, and to speed up transmission
  3. Intelligent frame display renders screens as single units rather than as a sequence of blocks

Check out this video comparing Ericom Blaze with standard RDP 6:

Some important information about Ericom Blaze:

  1. Ericom Blaze will be available both as a feature of PowerTerm WebConnect and as a stand-alone product. In addition it will support VMware View Commercial client and Open client for Linux (support for VMware View client for Windows is scheduled for early next year),.
  2. Ericom Blaze is a software-only solution. It does not require specialized hardware on either the client or the host.
  3. Ericom Blaze works with any standard RDP host, including Terminal Servers, virtual desktops (VDI), and remote physical machines.
  4. Ericom Blaze is compatible with the RDP server platforms from Windows XP all the way to Windows 7 (both x86 (32-bit), and x64 (64-bit), for all platforms),.
  5. On the client-side, Ericom Blaze supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and various Linux distributions. Versions for Mac and Windows CE will be available later this year.

Register here to test-drive Ericom Blaze.

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