Introducing the Fastest, Free RDP Client for Google Chrome and Chromebooks

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 5620

Yes, we’ve released a new remote access client for the Google Chromebook / Chromebox. No, this client is not AccessNow. In fact, this client is not HTML5 – it is a native client. “But wait”, you may say, “How is this possible? Isn’t the Chromebook restricted to only run web apps?” The answer is that the Chromebook is indeed restricted to web apps, but it also supports web apps implemented as native clients, in addition to HTML5. Let me explain:

Google Native Client, NaCl for short, is a new technology for packaging cross-platform native executables so that they can run safely within the browser. Such clients can provide the performance of regular native applications, coupled with the security and ease of deployment of web apps. What makes this especially cool is that NaCl is fully supported on Chromebooks / Chromebox. For more information about NaCl, this Wikipedia article provides a good overview.

Using the NaCl technology, we packaged our acclaimed Blaze RDP acceleration remote access technology, as a web app. This new product, called AccessToGo for Chrome, is available directly from the Chrome Web Store. You can download it and use it for free as a high performance RDP client. That’s right, you can use it to connect directly to any RDP host without installing any special component on the server-side. And for even greater performance, you can purchase the Blaze Server for x10 speed boost.

Will AccessToGo for Chrome replace AccessNow? Of course not. In the same way that we provide both native AccessToGo clients and also AccessNow for mobile platforms – both iOS and Android – we are now providing both options for Chromebooks as well. In an upcoming blog post I will provide a set of criteria that will help you chose the Ericom RDP client that is most appropriate for your specific needs.

Click here for more information about Ericom AccessToGo for Chrome or download it directly from the Chrome Web Store.

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