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DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1

Hot off the presses: Microsoft introduces Universal Printing in Longhorn Beta3. This feature, which will be called Easy Print, enables applications to seamlessly access both local and remote printers. A single Terminal Server printers driver will support all types of printers connected to the local device. Rather than using EMF or PDF like the existing Universal Printing solutions, Easy Print utilizes XPS (XML Paper Specification),. The way it works is that an XPS print driver running on the Terminal Server will spool the printer data down to the client over a Virtual Channel. On the client-side an Easy Print plugin intercepts this traffic and prints it out, even if the local printer does not have an XPS driver. Here are a few feature highlights:

  • The printer data is compressed on the wire
  • Supports any printer settings including OEM
  • Full control over which printers are redirected
  • Printer preferences are preserved and honored in remote sessions, including default printer setting

I think that it is really cool that Microsoft is adding such a substantial Terminal Server feature to Longhorn at this stage of the game. Watch this space for more cool info coming out at BriForum.

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