Longhorn TS Session Broker Load Balancing

DAN SHAPPIR on July 29, 2014 | 1

Another Microsoft announcement here at BriForum: Longhorn Terminal Services will introduce session-based load balancing. This new load balancing mechanism is not built on NLB. Instead it is built on the TS Session Directory infrastructure. This new mechanism is called the Session Broker and is configured through the Terminal Services Manager. The way it works is that when an RDP client connects to a Terminal Server and that server is unable to services that client it queries the Session Broker on that user’s behalf and then redirect that client to an alternate server. This redirection happens automatically and does not user interaction. This mechanism also supports server draining – the ability to prevent new sessions from being created on a Terminal Server that it can be taken offline for maintenance.
So what is not provided? This mechanism is intended to simple scenarios and does not support:

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