How to manage BYOD without MDM

MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1706

With a little foresight and the right access tools, a business can implement effective management over its bring your own device (BYOD), strategy to make employees productive without putting company data at risk. Implementing a BYOD solution costs time as well as money, and doing it right is worth the investment.

According to Computerworld , one of the best ways to adopt secure BYOD is by incorporating containerization into MDM software which separates personal from professional apps and data. According to the news source, integrating mobile devices into the workplace can be tricky, especially when sensitive data is involved.

MDM tools can be too strict when it comes to managing the resources that employees need access to on their smartphones and tablets, and usage policies can end up controlling an entire device, rather than just the business property. By incorporating containerization software, business can focus on managing its data and software while enabling users to maintain control over their personal data.

Alternatively, to contain personal device usage to the areas it’s needed, and to minimize the security issues that can arise with BYOD, a business can instead invest in RDP-based access solutions. With an RDP client, employees will have access to the data and applications they need without downloading them to their devices, removing the risk of loss or theft entirely and allowing a business to manage its data on the servers, rather than trying to keep track of it across several hundred smartphones and tablets.

With remote access, a business can also avoid user resistance to company policies regarding their personal devices. Most professionals don’t want their employers to have access to their personal data and apps, and by implementing remote access, they won’t have to worry about it. This not only safeguards company data, but keeps employees productive and gives them peace of mind. BYOD has a number of major benefits, and while not every business needs to implement it, not gaining those advantages when they can really help shouldn’t be a struggle.

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