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MENDY NEWMAN on August 04, 2014 | 1549

When enterprise decision-makers think about mobile, BYOD is often the first trend that comes to mind. However, there is a lot more surrounding the mobile revolution that companies need to be aware of. According to Forbes, the mobile market has always been about accessibility in an increasingly always-on, always-connected world. That “vision” has since evolved, and while the concept of always-there is still driving business adoption of mobile trends, businesses need to consider how the changes in the mobile industry are affecting other aspects of operations.

Investing in a BYOD solution is just one step a company can take to begin advancing its mobile agendas, but according to the news source, there are three key trends that need to considered which might change an enterprise’s outlook on mobility. Easy-to-use apps and the rise of the touch-based experience are two rapidly growing trends that are related to the mobile revolution, but businesses need to remember that they are not necessarily predicated on the use of a mobile device.

Despite the fact that combined mobile devices sales surpassed those of PCs several years ago, many businesses cannot operate on smartphones and tablets alone. The need for the desktop experience is tied directly to the continued use of ERP domains and a variety of tech needs that a 9.7 inch or smaller screen simply can’t be used for. This doesn’t mean that businesses can’t utilize the trends that mobility inspires to their advantage. Develop easier to use apps, ensure a user-friendly, highly-accessible portal for downloading those apps and integrate a more interactive experience for employees using the same principles that mobility brings.

Companies can ease their IT decision-making needs by incorporating advanced tools that support both mobility and traditional PC environments. Ericom’s RDP accelerationsolutions allow businesses to incorporate RDP-based access and mobility tools that promote a fast-paced, easy-to-use work environment. These solutions will improve a business’s ability to adopt mobility trends like BYOD and enhance the current, PC-based infrastructure with desktop virtualization support and more. Investing in the tools that provide a foundation for a wide range of IT trends gives a business the base to build significant IT improvements around.

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